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Staff : Listing
Following is a listing of staff members. Click the staff member's name to view office hours and contact details.


This table shows a listing of staff members.
Name Email Phone
Russell Arnold unavailable
Geoffrey Bateman unavailable
Mark Bruhn unavailable
Jay Campisi unavailable
Gabriela Carrion unavailable
Michael Chiang unavailable
Laura Ann DeSisto unavailable
Michael Ennis unavailable
Karla Esser unavailable
Jude Fokwang unavailable
Barton Geger unavailable
Michael Ghedotti unavailable
Stacey Green unavailable
Stephanie Hicks unavailable
Gemma Hoeppner unavailable
Gemma Hoeppner 303-458-4085
Cristin Lasser 303-964-6063
Susan Layton unavailable
Wladimir Marquez unavailable
Diane McSheehy unavailable
Nina Miller unavailable
Tara Moberly unavailable
Sherri Montagne unavailable
Sherri Montagne 303-483-8625
Naomi Olson unavailable
Eve Passerini unavailable
Michelle Patinella unavailable
Virginia Perea unavailable
Sara Porter unavailable
Stephanie Prochazka unavailable
Stephanie Prochazka unavailable
Kathryn Redmond unavailable
Amy Rell unavailable
John Sakulich unavailable
Abigail Schneider unavailable
Amy Schreier unavailable
Justin Stoeckle unavailable
Fabrice Usman unavailable
Eugene Wilkerson unavailable
Lisa Zenoni unavailable